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Brazilian Bundles (3) Bundles 100g each / 3.5 oz each

All of our bundles are 
Our 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair can be styled and colored.
100g /3.5 oz 
Double Weft 
12A grade  

12A Brazilian Virgin Hair is full from root of weft to the ends, making the hair fuller, richer, natural, creating better quality, without having to alter the hair too much to create a flawless, flowing and luxurious look

With the proper care can last 1.5 - 2  years or more

100% Virgin Hair care instructions

(Straight Texture) -  use the wide tooth comb to comb the hair from the ends to weft (root)

(Wavy & Curly Texture)- Use fingers to comb, then wide tooth comb
Water or product may work best to comb through and keep curl pattern  

(All Textures) - Cool water, 30°C
Apply Co-wash (shampoo + conditioner) or Conditioner massage in hair for 3-5 mins. Rinse in cool water. 

• Excess Shampoo will increase breakage of hair because it will become dry. 
• Healthy virgin hair contains 15% moisture. Hair contains 10% moisture or lower will increase breakage and hard to comb through. 

Brazilian Bundle Deals - ombré Color

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